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Secret Drawer Society
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Secret Drawer Societies were part of a New England tradition were travellers at inns would write down dark intimate secrets and hide them within the inn: in drawers, in cracks, in the corners of closets.

This community encourages its members to write these things down and take a photograph of them to share with the community.

In addition to secrets, this community is also devoted to random acts of kindness and weird little notes. A paper crane covered with a Pabla Neruda quote on a car windshield? We're all over it. "To are beautiful" on the door of a toilet stall? Absolutely. Sharing secrets builds us up, as do random acts of kindness.

It is asked that you write something akin to the following on the back of your secrets, so that finders can potentially check in.

Everyone has secrets

You've just found someone else's. We invite you to become a member of the Secret Drawer Society. Share that quiet little truth you've been hiding by writing it down, putting the URL on the back, placing it somewhere public, snapping a picture, and walking away.
The Secret Drawer Society

The URL alone is appreciated.

Everyone has secrets. Share yours.